Giftiki is a cool web/mobile app that is perfect to try out during this holiday season. It’s a free and social way to pool cash together to buy gifts for friends so that they can receive the gift they actually want. In essence, group gift-giving made easier online.

What’s Craveworthy?

  • It works like this: choose a Facebook friend who has a birthday coming up, start the pot by adding some cash, write a personal message, pick through the digital gift wrapping, and enter your credit card. This update is then shared on the recipient’s wall and your Facebook friends can chip in. The recipient can then cash out and get a prepaid American Express card or get a partner gift card (Sports Authority, Starbucks, etc)
  • We’re digging the eye-catching design and they have just released their iPhone app a few days ago. Congrats to these guys for being one of the first-movers in this space!

What’s Cringeworthy?

  • It’s still in its early stages and it’s more suited for getting a couple of friends to pitch in for a gift card than buying a big specific gift. I’d like to see how this type of platform can evolve to purchase specific things as opposed to just pooling money.

CraveWorthy Challenge:

Download the app and send out some holiday cheer!

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