We’re a big fan of Kickstarter and what it is doing for the creative community. In case you didn’t know, the site is a crowdsourced funding market for creative projects and has been funding projects small and large (we heard they recently got their 4th million dollar project funded, congrats!). We’re likely going to see more sites like these emerge in the next few years and one that has our attention right now that we think can let you tap into your science-geek side is Petridish.

What’s Craveworthy?

  • Petridish is Kickstarter for science-based research projects. Although it’s still in beta, we love the name and the layout of the site. Their rewards system for donating money functions very similar to Kickstarter in that you get things like signed photographs, thank-you letter, souvenirs and more from the project creators to show their gratitude.
  • It looks to be a bit different from Kickstarter because it is more heavily curated (at least in its beta version). They find projects and release them all in one go as opposed to letting anyone create a project. Their first class of projects has some very cool stuff. My favorite would be a project looking for a new species of ants in Madagascar (It’s definitely more interesting than what I’m doing on a weekday…).
  • I’m seeing a cool vision for this site, one that can help break the stereotype that science research is boring. I’d be excited to see new tools on the site for how they let project creators better express how cool their research is (maybe like a Facebook Timeline?). I’ll keep you updated on the site as it grows!

Craveworthy Challenge:

  • Check out the site now. While you’re sitting at work today wondering whether there really is intelligent life in the universe or not (because it sure isn’t in your office), why not fund a research project to find the first exomoon.

On a related note, let’s give credit where credit is due…


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