Snuggle Up With Some Finance Data

Snuggle Up With Some Finance Data

So I know what I’m going to be doing tonight. I just discovered that an NYU Professor, Aswath Damodaran has a new year’s resolution that is very worthy of a crave or two.

He obtains, collects, and downloads data on all publicly traded companies listed globally, using a variety of data sources, and then analyzes and presents the data, aggregated at a number of different levels: by country, by region (US, Europe, Emerging Markets, Japan, Australia & Canada) and by industry.

He doesn’t stop there. He also reports on measures of operations (profit margins, turnover ratios, working capital), measures of leverage (debt ratios), measures of risk (beta, standard deviation, equity risk premiums, country risk premiums) and pricing measures (earnings multiples, book value multiples, revenue multiples).

For any finance/economics geeks, this is heaven on Excel. Check it out here (the 2013 data was just released) as well as his blog called Musings on the Market.

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